Veterinary Medicine

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Veterinary Medicine

“Sulfacrylate” in veterinary medicine

Medical glue “Sulfacrylate” provides a strong sealing of tissues of any living organism, therefore it can be used in veterinary medicine for transplantation, hemostasis, strengthening of sutures or as an alternative to suture material.

The constant search for highly effective and safe preparations led veterinarians to the fact that the biological adhesive composition can be used for a wide range of manipulations and surgical interventions. At the same time, due to the actively expressed bactericidal component in the composition of the glue and its ability to reduce the percentage of purulent-septic complications, the animal receives a qualitative rehabilitation and can be restored in a relatively short period of time.

“Sulfacrylate” also allows to solve another problem faced by specialists using suture material: the animal often breaks fixation and superimposed seams, for example, after sterilization. Rapid polymerization of medical glue, as well as its strength, does not give such an opportunity to the animal, reliably connecting the tissues and protecting the seams.