Thoracic Surgery

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“Sulfacrylate” in Thoracic Surgery

Both in emergency situations and in the case of scheduled operations in thoracic surgery, the glutinous composition “Sulfacrylate” was widely used. In particular, the glue is effective in purulent-inflammatory processes, foreign bodies in the bronchi, congenital malformations and malignant formations. Regardless of the clinical situation and the situation, the glue allows to optimize any surgical interventions, reduce the risk of a number of complications, quickly create hermetic tissue of the lung tissue, as well as a method of preventing the divergence of the superimposed seams.

“Sulfacrylate” has already been used in operations in patients with:

  • intrapulmonary and extrapulmonary sequestration of the lungs;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • solitary cysts of the lungs;
  • polycystic lung disease.

And also with the removal of malignant tumors of the mediastinum, the foreign body of the bronchus, chronic inflammatory processes in the pleural cavity.

“Sulfacrylate” helps to perform a tight sealing of the pleura, to qualitatively process the stump of the bronchus and wounds of the lung, while not complicating the ventilation of the lungs and not deforming them. In cases of bronchial suturing, resection of the lobe or segment of the lung, as well as when removing a foreign body from the bronchi, the bronchus stump received a reliable seal, and the patient – a smooth course of the postoperative period.

“Sulfacrylate” can also be used to further strengthen the stump of the bronchus after sewing with a manual or mechanical suture, and on the wounds of the lungs – in “pure form”, or in combination with the suture, if the wound is large enough.