Plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery

“Sulfacrylate” in plastic surgery

The properties of the medical glue “Sulfacrylate” make it possible to apply it even in the course of operations in plastic surgery, where the purity of the joints, the accuracy of the tissue connections and the operative degradation of the preparation without any consequences for the organism are valued. As a result of polymerization, a thin elastic film is formed on the tissues that connects the edges of the wound.

Before applying “Sulfacrylate” the surfaces are treated in the usual way, the wound is dried, after which the adhesive is applied to it and distributed throughout the surface. Then the edges of the wound are connected and held for 20-30 seconds.

Also sometimes the place of tissue connection after the application of “Sulfacrylate” is ironed with an ultrasonic tool – a concentrator with a working end in the form of a spatula under the action of ultrasound at a frequency of 26.5 kHz. This allows to obtain a strong elastic connection after 5-10 seconds of treatment.

For larger wounds longer than 2 cm, a combination of suture and glue joint is recommended.