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“Sulfacrylate” in ophthalmology

Medical glue “Sulfacrylate” is used to close the retinal ruptures with retinal detachment accompanied by pronounced thinning of the sclera with the help of seamless technology of circular, sectoral and radial episcleral filling and allografts.

Thus, glue helps in the performance of sclera-strengthening operations in the fight against myopia progression, favorably differing from the suture fixation of the graft, which has a number of disadvantages, but mainly it is fraught with perforation of the eyeball with a needle.

As a result, specialists apply seamless technology with the help of medical glue “Sulfacrylate”. In particular, it is effective:

  • (for this edge, the wounds are combined with two micropinaceti, after drying the surfaces, glue is applied, the wound edges are fixed for two minutes .Also, to accelerate fixation, sometimes use a 30% solution of albucid in alcohol);
  • when the cornea is injured (foreign bodies are removed from the wound, the edges of the wound are treated and dried, then glue is applied);
  • with light wounds of orbital tissues (the glue is applied a thin layer after the primary surgical treatment, the edges are fixed for 2-3 minutes .With deeper wounds, combine the suture and glue joint).