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“Sulfacrylate” in oncology

Features of the use of adhesive compositions in the performance of surgical intervention in weakened oncological patients are due to the fact that these patients have reduced plastic and regenerative abilities. Thus, any bleeding and unnecessary trauma not only aggravate the patient’s condition, but also contribute to the seeding of surrounding tissues by tumor cells.

This is especially complicated by chemotherapy, which the patient received, and the need for resection of the altered site of the organ. In these cases, reliable hemostasis is vital. It is provided by the adhesive composition “Sulfacrylate” ..

Often surgeons face difficult situations when performing an open biopsy of the tumor, especially malignant. The danger is associated with bleeding when the tumor grows into surrounding tissues. In addition, in patients with this diagnosis, the tumor tissue is in a state of decay, and therefore it is difficult to suture it. The

Treatment of the surface of such a tissue with glue solves the problem and provides qualitative capillary hemostasis. A sturdy but thin glue film restrains seams from eruption and prevents the possibility of spreading tumor cells into surrounding tissues from the focus of a biopsy.