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“Sulfacrylate” in neurosurgeons

Medical glue “Sulfacrylate” is a safe and effective adhesive material with high embolization characteristics. Therefore, it found wide application in vascular neurosurgery, providing a reliable method of treatment, not inferior to foreign-produced cyanoacrylates.

“Sulfacrylate” is used for pre-operative embolization of arterio-venous malformations of the brain and embolization, as the main method of treatment. Glue is used in the treatment of extensive vascular malformations, which are complicated by the presence of an extensive zone of blood supply.

Thanks to the introduction into the arteriovenous malformation of the adhesive composition with the dye, the specialist is able to independently identify the main trunk vessels feeding this collector and the boundaries of the affected area of ​​the brain tissue. The use of glue provides thrombosis of the leading vessels, as a result of which this vascular collector is switched off from the circulation. Then the specialist can proceed to remove vascular malformation only within the affected area with the least trauma to neighboring brain structures.

Thus, “Sulfacrylate” helps to avoid extensive blood loss, which is unavoidable in surgical interventions using conventional technologies.

Also, glue reliably fixes bone grafts when closing defects of the bones of the skull and avoids the use of metal structures to fix bone fragments.