Gynecology and Urology

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Gynecology and Urology

“Sulfacrylate” in gynecology and urology

Medical glue “Sulfacrylate” during gynecological operations allows avoiding the inconsistency of the applied sutures, and also promotes proper healing of wounds. Antibacterial component contained in the glue, as well as rapid polymerization and elasticity of the adhesive film, helps to avoid complications in the postoperative stage.

“Sulfacrylate” showed effectiveness in the following manipulations in gynecology:

  • restoration of cervical ruptures;
  • wedge excision of the uterine tube;
  • elimination of defects in ovarian tissue breaks;
  • removal of benign ovarian cysts;
  • superimposition of precision sutures on the ovary to leave the maximum amount of functioning tissue;
  • carrying out plastic operations on the vagina and perineum.

In patients with gynecological pathology, “Sulfacrylate” was used as an aid in the application of sutures to the uterus in situations associated with torsion of the appendages and ovarian cysts, where it was required to perform ovarian and ovarian resection in connection with their necrosis. Also, glue was successfully used to stop bleeding from parametric fiber.