Dentistry (FH)

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“Sulfacrylate” in dental practice

In the treatment of periodontitis, dentists perform a complex of surgical operations, which is called “periodontal plastic surgery.” Directly on the results of these operations affects not only the qualification of a specialist, but also the quality of the materials used – drugs, suture material, periodontal dressings.

Successful experience of using “Sulfacrylate” by doctors of various qualifications and specialties, not only in Russia, but also abroad, served as a justification for the application of glue composition in periodontal surgery.

The main characteristics of the glue, which were appreciated by the specialists of periodontal surgery:

  • autostery;
  • polymerization – up to 120 seconds;
  • strength and elasticity; ability to reduce the formation of gross scars;
  • adhesion properties to various tissues (muco-periosteal flap, membrane, tooth surface, osteoplastic material);
  • ability to polymerize on living tissues, good sealing of joints;
  • the possibility of using in hard-to-reach places;
  • antibacterial property;
  • additive effect;
  • transparency (visual control);
  • haemostatic property;
  • disaggregant properties and complete resorption after 30-45 days.

Due to these properties, the medical glue “Sulfacrylate” is used for the following surgical interventions: closing of recessions, removal of cervical vestibules, patchwork, corrective-reconstructive surgery, vestibuloplasty, curettage, plastic frenulia of the upper lip according to Glickman, correction width of the attached gingiva.